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About Bismuth

Bismuth crystals are a beautiful and affordable addition to any crystal collection.  They are commonly known as "man-made" or 'lab-grown".  Crystals such as the one pictured here, which we grew ourselves, do not occur naturally and must be grown in a controlled environment.  The crystal shape itself is completely natural, and is a beautiful example of the trigonal crystal system.  You can see similar crystal shapes in other minerals like salt and galena.  The color on bismuth crystals is a thin layer of oxidation on the surface that does not permeate the crystal.  

We have been growing bismuth crystals for over 5 years and are one of the largest producers in North America.  You can find our crystals for sale in rock shops and shows across the country.

Cool Bismuth Facts: 

Bismuth is...

  • a metallic element with the atomic number 83 and atomic symbol Bi

  • a brittle and soft metal with a hardness of 2-2.5 (out of 10) on the Mohs Scale of Hardness

  • the only non-toxic heavy metal 

  • one of the only materials to expand when cold and contract when hot

  • very slightly radioactive (it’s safe to handle!) with the longest known half-life of over 20 billion years!

  • a metal with a relatively low melting point of 520.5 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable to melt in non-industrial environments, such as a household gas range

  • used for many applications, such as shotgun shot, fishing line weight, fire detectors, cosmetics, and as the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol®, aside from the beautiful crystals we love!

Bismuth Explained: About
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