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Gorgeous baby-blue barite blades on matrix.  The blue barite has nice luster and translucency, making it very gemmy.  A great piece to add to any collection!


From Ouichane Mountain, Morocco.  Shown as recommended on the Small Adjustable Mineral Stand, not included with purchase. Please see the ruler photo for size reference.


Barite, also spelled as baryte, is a barium based mineral that often forms in tabular or prismatic crystals.  It can also appear in fibrous, lamellar, or even rose-like forms, known as "desert roses." Barite crystals are typically colorless or white but can exhibit a range of hues including blue, yellow, gray, or brown due to impurities. The mineral has a distinctly high specific gravity, which makes it surprisingly heavy for its size.


Barite is commonly found in hydrothermal veins, sedimentary deposits, and as a gangue mineral in various ore deposits, often associated with minerals like fluorite, quartz, and calcite. Collectors prize barite for its aesthetic crystalline forms and the variety of colors it can present, making it a standout specimen in any mineral collection.

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