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Chalcopyrite & Calcite

Chalcopyrite & Calcite


A large single crystal of calcite, spattered with chalcopyrite which accumulates and accentuates the trigonal crystal faces of the main crystal.  This is a clear example of what has been coined as "benz calcite", where the chalcopyrite takes a form similar to the Mercedes Benz logo.  They don't come around like this very often!


From Daye Co., China.  Shown as recommended on the Small Adjustable Mineral Stand, not included with purchase. Please see the ruler photo for size reference.


Calcite is a popular collectible mineral cherished for its diverse crystal habits, vibrant colors, and widespread occurrence.  Calcite is a common mineral found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks worldwide.  It crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system, forming rhombohedral or scalenohedral crystals with three cleavage planes that are often visible.


Calcite is a major component of limestone, marble, and chalk, as well as many other sedimentary rocks. It also forms in hydrothermal veins, as a precipitate from groundwater, and as a component of some igneous rocks.  Calcite has numerous industrial applications, including as a building material (limestone and marble), in the production of lime and cement, as a soil conditioner, in the manufacture of glass and ceramics, and as a source of calcium carbonate in dietary supplements.


Chalcopyrite is a captivating mineral sought after by collectors for its dazzling metallic luster and distinctive brassy gold coloration.  It forms in a variety of crystal habits, from granular masses to distinct tetrahedral or dodecahedral crystals, often exhibiting iridescent hues of purple, blue, and green, caused by surface oxidation.  This mineral is a significant source of copper ore and is commonly found in hydrothermal veins alongside other sulfide minerals such as pyrite and sphalerite.  In fact, we often refer to it as pyrite with a copper molecule added.  They are commonly mistaken for each other and can be difficult to distinguish when they are found in geologic occurrences together.


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