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Epidote on Quartz

Epidote on Quartz


Wow! Incredible partially double-terminated quartz crystal coated in sparkly druzy green epidote.  We directly import these from the miners, and this one is very high-quality and unique. Only a select few pieces arrived in this style of single points covered in epidote. Get this in your collection before they are all gone!


From the mountains near Beyyurdu, Turkey.  Shown mounted with putty on the Small Acrylic Base, included with purchase. Please see ruler photo for size reference. Contact us with any questions.


Epidote is a captivating mineral highly prized by collectors for its striking green coloration, ranging from deep forest greens to lighter shades, often with a hint of translucency that enhances its appeal. Its crystal structure typically forms elongated prisms or blades, sometimes in complex arrangements of emanating sprays. Epidote's luster can vary from vitreous to pearly, and commonly occurs in metamorphic rocks such as schists and gneisses, as well as in hydrothermal veins alongside other minerals like quartz and garnet. Collectors appreciate epidote not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its role in understanding the earth's processes and history, making it a prized addition to any mineral collection.


Quartz, the most common mineral on earth, is celebrated for its diverse forms, widespread availability, and captivating beauty. Composed of silicon dioxide (SiO₂), quartz crystallizes in the hexagonal system, often forming six-sided prisms terminated with pyramidal ends. This mineral is remarkably hard, ranking 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it durable and suitable for various uses. Quartz comes in an array of colors and varieties, including clear prismatic crystals, purple amethyst, smoky quartz, agates, jaspers, and much more. 


Collectors are particularly drawn to quartz's ability to form large, well-defined crystals and fascinating inclusions, such as rutile needles or chlorite phantoms. Found in a multitude of geological environments, from igneous and metamorphic rocks to hydrothermal veins, notable quartz localities include Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, and Switzerland. The sheer variety and beauty of quartz, combined with its robust nature, make it an essential and versatile addition to any mineral enthusiast's collection.

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