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Campo del Cielo meteorites are a fascinating addition to any collector's inventory, known for their iron-rich composition and historical significance. Discovered in a region of Argentina, these meteorites are remnants of a massive meteor shower that occurred around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. Aesthetically, they are characterized by their hefty, metallic bodies, often displaying unique, sculpted shapes with regmaglypts, which are thumbprint-like indentations created during their fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere.


The meteorites primarily consist of iron, with traces of nickel, cobalt, and other metals, sometimes showing beautiful, crystalline structures known as Widmanstätten patterns when cut and polished. Campo del Cielo specimens are particularly prized for their distinctive appearance and their ancient, extraterrestrial origin, making them a remarkable piece of natural history for any meteorite enthusiast.


Meteorites captivate rock collectors with their extraterrestrial origin and diverse, often otherworldly aesthetics. These space rocks, which survive their fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere, exhibit a range of appearances, from the smooth, fusion-crusted surfaces of freshly fallen specimens to the regmaglypted, thumbprint-like textures shaped by ablation. Formed from the primordial materials of the solar system, meteorites are primarily classified into three types: stony (chondrites and achondrites), iron, and stony-iron.


Their composition varies, featuring minerals like olivine and pyroxene in stony meteorites, metallic iron and nickel in iron meteorites, and a mix of silicates and metals in stony-irons. Significant finds occur worldwide, with notable locations including Antarctica, where the ice preserves and reveals them, and arid regions like the Sahara and the American Southwest, where their dark, metallic bodies contrast starkly against the desert landscape. Collectors value meteorites not only for their scientific significance but also for their aesthetic allure and the cosmic stories they tell.


From Campo del Cielo, Argentina.  This specimen is shown mounted on the Small Acrylic Base with mounting putty, included with purchase. Please see the ruler photo for size reference.

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