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A nice sample of "Pink Chalcedony", which comes from a fairly well known U.S. self-collection area.  The color is a soft pink and the piece glows well when backlit.


From Luna County, NM.   Collected in 2023, puchased as part of a parcel at the Denver Show. Shown as recommended on the Small Adjustable Mineral Stand, not included with purchase. Please see the ruler photo for size reference.


Chalcedony is a captivating mineral prized by collectors for its wide array of colors and formations. It is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite, giving it a smooth, waxy luster. Chalcedony can exhibit various hues, including white, blue, gray, yellow, orange, and even shades of pink and green, often influenced by trace impurities. Its translucence and sometimes opaque nature, coupled with its ability to take a high polish, make it a popular choice for gemstone and jewelry enthusiasts.


Collectors are drawn to its diverse forms, such as agate, jasper, carnelian, and onyx, each with distinct patterns and colors. With its rich history and aesthetic appeal, chalcedony remains a beloved and versatile addition to any mineral collection.

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