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Cool spray of white scolectite crystals.  The needly bushel of crystals presents the acicular habit very well.  This is a great example of the species, don't miss out!


From Maharashtra, India.  Shown as recommended on the Small Adjustable Mineral Stand, not included with purchase.


Scolecite is a zeolite mineral cherished by mineral collectors for its delicate and attractive crystal formations. It typically forms in slender, needle-like prismatic crystals that can create incredible radiating sprays. These crystals are often transparent to translucent, displaying a vitreous to silky luster. The color of scolecite ranges from colorless to white, but it can also exhibit shades of pink or green due to trace impurities.


It commonly occurs in the cavities of basaltic rocks, associated with other zeolites like stilbite, heulandite, and apophyllite. Collectors value scolecite for its exquisite crystal sprays, radial formations, and the gentle, glowing appearance under UV light, where it can exhibit fluorescence. Due to its fragile and slender crystals, scolecite requires careful handling to preserve its intricate beauty. Its unique formations and pleasing aesthetics make scolecite a prized addition to any mineral collection.

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